"Hello, I have been wearing your fabulous product for approx.
10 years after a severe bout with tennis elbow. I play 3+ times 
a week at the Richmond Tennis club and have taught 
professionally for ten years. Thank you." 

Victor Kusumoto from Delta, B.C. Canada

"By some happy change of coincidence I used Tenex® Elbow 
Shock absorber yesterday. The results were FANTASTIC.
I have been suffering with severe tennis elbow and playing 
in pain with a double brace. After 'test driving' Tenex® only 
one word can describe the results: Miraculous!" 

Murray Platte from New York, New York

"This is my third Tenex® Elbow Shock Absorber® in as many years. I seem to misplace them after a while. I had severe tennis elbow until I started using the shock absorber and after a while it went away and has not returned. I now use it as a precautionary measure."
James Lederer from Estero, Florida

"Although this product is designed for tennis players, my husband finds it very effective in reducing the elbow strain from hammering while shoeing horses. He spends all day shaping shoes and nailing them on, so his right elbow takes a lot of concussion. He has been using Tenex® Elbow Shock Absorbers for years and finds they make him much more comfortable."
Lynn Kuegel from Lee, New Hampshire

"Thanks to your excellent product, I am back golfing everytime I get a chance. Use my name anytime you want."
Dr. Allan Ewasiuk from Seattle, Washinton

"I play handball three times a week and I am over 45 years old. It is very hard on my forearm and shoulder. Last year, I have had to stop playing due to constant pain ( tennis elbow ). Now that I have discovered Tenex, I am able to play again and recommend your product to all my team mates. I wish I had heard about it sooner."
Sylvano Rossi from Milano, Italy

"After playing tennis for nearly 3 decades I developed an extreme case of tennis elbow only last year. The pain persisted during any kind of arm use--tennis or otherwise. I finally decided to discontinue playing for awhile in the hope that rest would heal it. 
Then, one day by change, I noticed a tennis player wearing something on his wrist and inquired. I found your product Tenex® and it truly became a miracle cure! I know wear it religiously and wouldn't think about playing tennis without it. I fact I have become a walking promoter having convinced my partner, my brother, his partner and several other tennis players [ whom suffered from tennis elbow ] that this product is the 'fix'. 

Jiachard Delinko from Fort Lee, New Jersey

"These wristbands are the only things in the world that work for me. Thank God I found you!" 

James R. Davis from Wethersfield, Connecticut

"I developed tennis elbow in 1988. Because tennis is my bread and butter I would not stop playing. I tried to play with different bandages hoping for a miracle. The miracle never came until I was introduced to Tenex®. I put it on my wrist, and since then my tennis elbow has disappeared. That was a miracle. I believe 90% of the people with tennis elbowwho have been trying Tenex® have had 100% improvement with the injury completely disappearing."

Gabriel Neacsu
Vancouver, Canada